Moon Dance Poncho -  Linen

Moon Dance Poncho - Linen

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White Moon Dance Poncho/Traje/Huipil for Wasteskun Metzli Ceremony

This is the ceremonial poncho for the moon dance, worn as the outside layer over warmer clothing. Dancers will receive a patch to sew on the front and back of the poncho on the first day of the dance. 

100% Oeko-Tex Certified Linen with a layer of braided ribbon trim.

XS (also good for youth), S/M, or L/XL 

Please have item delivered, or pick up at the Atelier Sacred Cloth in Val David. International dancers or those travelling from afar may pick up their ponchos on the first day of the dance at registration. 

These ponchos are not yet made but are available for pre-order. Items will begin to be shipped out at the end of May. 

Wishing all beautiful preparations. If there any questions about any aspect of the dress needed, please feel free to reach out. 

xoox chanti