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Grace, magic, mystery. We may not present this face to the world every day but in the privacy of our own remembering, there she is - a powerful, dignified, brightly spirited woman always in touch with the inner allies of her wider wilder world. Enjoy her when she comes. Bow to her. Dance with her. Sing with her. Adore her. And when it feels right, Adorn her. 

- CHANTI WADGE, founder 


Sacred cloth c'est porter une oeuvre en mouvement, c'est contribuer à la danse de mon corps à chaque moment de mon quotidien. Rendre sacré et confortable, beau et joyeux chacun des vêtements qu'elle crée. Chanti insuffle le mouvement dans ses collections. J'ai pris goût à porter des robes moi qui n'en porte jamais. C'est plus qu'un vêtement fait main, c'est comme un costume de scène dans lequel je permets à mon âme de re.danser pour le plaisir d'être moi, mais au quotidien.

Connecter à sa création, porter et honorer le mouvement. Chaque morceau est unique et empreint d'une énergie, d'une attention spécifique pour qui souhaite le porter.

C'est un giga coup de coeur et un plaisir de te retrouver.

Le porter c'est se sentir unique, sensuelle, vivante.

Karine Cloutier, Montreal

Every piece I’ve purchased has been made of gorgeous fabrics, amazing attention to detail, and gets so many compliments! I so appreciate the attention to fit and sustainability, and the same time 💗

Ankati Day, Massechussettes

Chanti is an amazing artist and I love so much my shawl and skirt I got from her. I can feel the love and care she infuses in all her creations. Highly recommend!

Jasmine Belanger, Montreal

Amazing products, quality and service! Bought skirts, tops and jacket! Nice fit and amazing style! 😍

Dalidadoda, Montreal

This is the most beautiful skirt I have ever owned. It is not only beautiful it is also very comfortable to wear. Thank you Chanti!!!

Rhonda Mundorf, Edmonton

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1337 rue de la Sapiniere, Val-David

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To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry, a little more dance to it.