Moon Dance / Danse de la Lune

Moon Dance / Danse de la Lune

 Welcome Moon Dance sisters -

Sacred Cloth is honoured to provide you with your ceremonial poncho needed for the Wasteskun Moon Dance, or any other Moon Dance. This year I have a limited number of white wrap skirts available. I will also be a able to sew trim on your own skirt if you bring it to the Atelier.

-Ceremonial Traje (also called a Huipil, or Moon Dance Poncho). One Size. 100% Linen with Rayon Blue Braided Trim.  The basic pattern for the Huipil is also provided in the Huipil listing as making your own is always a great option. Please place all orders by July 1st! $120+tx

-White Wrap Skirt. Handmade Sacred Cloth Wrap Skirt with Blue Braided Rayon Trim lining the bottom. 70% Linen, 30% Viscose.  2 sizes: XS/S/M, and M/L/XL.  All skirts are 36" long. Limited Quantity. $180+tx

-White Headscarf: 100% Linen: $40+tx

-Adding Trim to your pre-existing skirt: This is now an option if you are able to bring your skirt in and pick it up from the Atelier. $15 for Rayon Braided Trim. $10 for Polyester Trim. $10 pour the service per piece/row.

ALL orders will be available for PICK UP ONLY at the dance, or from the Atelier-Boutique in Val-David after July 18th. 

A small selection of Cotton Sweat Dresses should be available on the first day of the dance. First come, first serve!


Sacred Cloth was birthed out of a ceremonial way of life and creates clothing that can traverse from everyday life to ceremonial spaces.  Included in this section you will find a selection of other clothing that is suitable for your time outside of the main dance arbour, teaching grounds. Shoulders need to be covered and long skirts must be worn.  Days can be very hot, and evenings can be very cool. 

Please contact your madrina if you have any questions and if they are not sure, or feel free to reach out if you have any further questions. Wishing all beautiful preparations during this poignant and profoundly transformative time!

With love,

Chanti-Ayao Alto-Cihautl


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45 products