Welcome to Sacred Cloth!

Sacred Cloth is an independent fashion and lifestyle brand based in Val David, Quebec. Officially launched in Fall 2019, the brand offers an inspiring alternative to fast fashion that is uncompromising in style, femininity and fit. Founded by former dancer/choreographer, multidisciplinary artist (and childhood seamstress) Chanti Wadge, Sacred Cloth creates stunning signature pieces and flattering silhouettes that inspire grace and elegance, bringing a soulful poetry to the dance of everyday life. 

Sacred Cloth designs and samples all collections in the Atelier-Boutique, bringing a small and highly-curated selection of styles into exclusive-run production with the help of a team of women in Montreal under ethical working conditions. Each member of production and development is paid professional wages.  All fabrics are sourced from Montreal suppliers, and are carefully selected for their quality and content.  As selection becomes increasingly available, Sacred Cloth seeks to work exclusively with natural and environmentally-friendly fabrics, currently working with a selection of Oeko-tex certified and end-of-roll fabrics to which help reduce waste. All off-cuts are designed into smaller products, or donated to other makers (principally Maison Emmanuel and NADA Eco-Atelier) whose productions are guided by social and environmental missions.  

In addition to creating gorgeous clothing, Sacred Cloth inspires women to show up at the 'altar' of their lives with intention, purpose and integrity. Drawing upon decades of spiritual and personal work, Chanti Wadge transmits her love for inner and outer transformation using the playful tool of dress as a medium for inspiring change within and without.  Sacred Cloth seeks to beautify the woman AND the world, promoting a fashionably mindful lifestyle.  Dress for the Ceremony of Life. (It's the only one you've got.)