Sacred Secrets

Still-life Series Part 2. (2005)
In the same generation that comes with disposable printers and computers whose insurance cost almost half as much as new one, there is an ironic mentality that is against Shoulds. Instead of focusing on feeling bad – because it wasn’t like you should have done that, been that, thought that, known that – treat yourself to a new, to a better, to a cuter, to a more stunning - really you ‘ought to.
Stilllife Studies - PART I. 1-5, 2005
Because, as we both know, it is not the Things that are heavy, but the needing of things. The clinging. The bargaining. What is really gained in a bargain? 
The woman behind the model
Sacred Cloth is honored to introduce Genevieve Plouffe, femme extraordinaire - and featured model for the Spring/Summer 2020 Photoshoot.
HERO Dress on National TV!
Sacred Cloth proudly received the honor of creating a dress for Marie, which is currently being featured throughout this season of Dans L’Oeil du Dragon.   We chose the Hero dress in Black Satin Flowers to adorn Marie for a role that would require professional elegant chic while maintaining a fresh air.
The Sacred Dance
It might feel convoluted to connect clothing with something deeper and even spiritual, but when cloth dresses a body and a being deeply rooted in intimate conversations with the dance of Life itself - well, a sense can be made. 
Covid-19 changing the face of Fast Fashion
It is becoming increasingly important to act mindfully in our consumer habits. For many, choosing the more environmental and socially-responsible option can feel difficult to justify.  But I propose – it is not longer possible to justify otherwise.  Conscious consumerism needs to become the new normal.  Supporting small businesses, supporting economies that inherently hold ethical standards (made in Canada vs. Made in China companies), and supporting companies that stand for clear values that benefit the whole – IS the Future.
What inspires you?

“A walk in the woods - listening to the birds in the early morning or the cricket calls in Spring; mossy patches and sunlit ferns; tall trees and the moose at my doorstep; the lattice work of a spider's web..."
The Queen of Queens
Grace, magic, mystery. We may not present this face to the world every day but beneath the social layers and in the privacy of our own remembering, there she is -