Moon Dance / Danse de la Lune

Moon Dance / Danse de la Lune


      Welcome Moon Dance sisters!

      Sacred Cloth is honored to provide you with your ceremonial outfit needed for the Wasteskun Moon Dance.

      In this section you will find the ceremonial Traje (also called a Huipil, or Moon Dance Poncho), offered in 3 choices  - linen, cotton or wool - as well as white skirts with matching blue trim, and white headscarves.   Items specific to the dance will begin to be made in June, however please feel free to place your orders now. 


      Sacred Cloth was birthed out of a ceremonial way of life and creates clothing that can traverse from everyday life to ceremonial spaces.  Included in this section you will find a selection of dress that is suitable for your time outside of the main dance arbour, including tunics suitable for sweat-lodge and teaching grounds, ponchos, shawls, tops to cover your shoulders, as well as long skirts which must be worn at all times.  Days can be very hot, and evenings can be very cool. 

      Moon Dancers will receive 10% off all items in the shop with the purchase of their traje-huipil. Use Code MOONDANCER at checkout until August 1. 

      Please feel free to reach out with any questions related to the dress requirements for the dance. Wishing all beautiful preparations during this poignant and profoundly transformative time!

      With love,



      2 items

      2 items