The woman behind the model

The woman behind the model

Sacred Cloth is honored to introduce Genevieve Plouffe, femme extraordinaire - and featured model for the Spring/Summer 2020 Photoshoot, captured by the wonderful photographer, Genevieve Rivard. 

Some women just have it all and quite honestly it doesn't ceased to amaze me what limitless gifts seem to blossom from this gorgeous sister.  She’s a painter, a musician, an incredible singer and harp player, a hockey player and all-around fierce athlete. And just as icing on the top, she is an amazing mother of three young kids - yes – I did just say that!  

Genevieve is a woman of many talents but also one with a rare and exceptional beauty, both inside and out.  While unassuming and quiet in character in daily life, it was a true gift to witness both her and the clothing come alive in front of the camera.   With her fine features, fierce figure, and soft yet profound presence, I couldn't help but smile remembering our first collaboration 4 years earlier - me snapping a few quick shots of her from my iPhone for my Etsy shop.  She was wearing a pink linen harem jumpsuit with lace top I had custom made for her, and it matched her pink hair.   Since this moment I've been waiting for the right moment to continue from where we left off and while the color has faded from the hair she still represents that classic feminine archetype - oh so pretty in pink!

I am so blessed to have so many amazing sisters in my life. They inspire and help represent all that Sacred Cloth stands for.  As I shared with Genevieve after watching her perform and sing one evening -

"Some people are artists. Others - themselves - are art."

This is how I describe Genevieve Plouffe.  This is the way of the Sacred Cloth Woman.