What inspires Sacred Cloth?
“A walk in the woods - listening to the birds in the early morning or the cricket calls in Spring; mossy patches and sunlit ferns; tall trees and the moose at my doorstep; the lattice work of a spider's web; crystalline snow frosting firs and flame-colored leaves spinning softly to fresh ground; the dance of clouds. 
And what else?
“Window shopping in Europe; fabric finding in New York; prints from Japan; fine cottons; all things embroidered, colorful, and handmade; old world handicrafts; weathered hands; strolling through bustling markets; anything floral or feathered; the costume of creatures; Everything fine!”
“My daughter’s smile and her first morning laugh. My son's squeal as I reach out to tickle his toes. The hand of my husband.  A moment of grace. A crackling fire. Steaming stones. Dancing shadows.  Magical things. Beautiful things. Natural Things. Sacred things."