Study No. 6

Study No. 6

I believe in signs. I believe in sign language and in sine waves. I believe in thought waves. I believe thought is mightier than the bomb. I believe in something the New Age calls the astral plane, which I believe is not new age but timeless. (Whatever its name, I believe in a dimension of thought where ideas meet outside the mind and energies train without distraction.) I believe in quantum mechanics and that time is nonlinear. I believe in timings. (I once saw myself waiting for the bus from a birds-eye view, and then floated around the city looking for an apartment. I am living in this apartment now.) I suppose in some languages I believe in magic, but I don’t believe in the word, magic. I believe in meetings. I believe in the musicality of meetings. I believe in mirrors and mapmaking. I believe in a middle way.

I believe in verticality – in height and depth and all things round. I believe what goes around comes around. I believe in recycling. I believe in realness and rawness and rivers and clouds.

I believe the world can be known in a grain of sand and a life can be seen in the lines of a hand. I believe in balance. I believe in natural balance. I don’t know if I believe in right. I believe in center. I believe that sometime maybe near maybe far, the glass tower will tip, the calendars will clear and something I have no way of knowing or believing will happen. Or not. I don’t believe my actions would change this but I believe they could. I believe that Shoulds are as flimsy and fortified as Woulds and Coulds without a Do. I believe a wing can cause a rainfall. I say it because I believe it must be said more, I believe in love. I don’t know if I have hope but somewhere I believe I still have faith.

I believe in "following a path that draws itself and drawing a path that follows a flow." I believe in alignment. I believe in signs. I believe in sign language and sine waves. I believe in taking the time to notice. I believe in taking the time to see. I believe in taking the time to witness. There are things I have experienced I don’t understand and I believe I may never know the answers. I believe in taking the time to question.

-Chanti Wadge, 2007

Performed as a part of Les Constellations Dynamiques, la SAT, Montreal